You have the power to go in many directions. I can help you navigate.

We can discover, imagine and create your project together.


- your past -

I can discover insights about your project and audience through user research, data, and testing. It’s important to understand who you are, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it before steps forward can be taken.


- your future -

I can imagine creative and out-of-the-box ideas. I can collaboratively brainstorm, narrowing in on and expanding upon the best solutions. We can then plot them into an action map to follow through from start to finish.


- your present -

I can create engaging content and experiences that inspire others. This includes graphic design, website development, social media marketing, content creation, storytelling, and experience design.


- discover who I am -

My name is Rhiannon. I’m a creative, passionate, and curious Wellington-based designer. I have always been inspired to express myself through creative outlets. When I was younger I created QuoteBook (a website where users could store, favourite and comment upon quotes) and MeNoteYou (a hand-written pass-it-on-kindness note project) which have now been retired but still hold a place in my heart. I’m a geek, audiophile and bibliophile who wants to build a personal library with one of those rolling ladders and nooks for bottles of single malt scotch.

I proudly hold three diplomas. These are a Diploma in Arts and Media from NMIT, a Diploma in Website Development from Yoobee, and a Diploma of Digital Media (advanced with distinction) from Yoobee. I have done many things including dabbling in computer tutoring, customer service, tech start-ups and government agencies. I have learned to ask lots of questions, that there is nearly always a way to ctrl+z something, to see from multiple perspectives, that thinking outside-of-the-box pays off, and to be empathetic towards others.

My logo is a combination of a power-symbol and a waypoint marker, it symbolises that there is a power in the present (here) and that there is a path forwards (there) which I can help you along. What does your 'here' look like? Where do you want your 'there' to be? I can help discover, imagine and create it with you.





Website Development



- imagine what we can design -


Modern, challenging and exciting.

I designed a phone application for my client, Alps 2 Ocean, as a class project. Alps 2 Ocean is a not-for-profit cycle trail operating in the South Island of New Zealand. They wanted something creative (with no photography) to draw their audiences in and enhance their cycling experience.

I did a lot of research on Alps 2 Ocean and their audience. I found out that the New Zealand scenery was a big pull, people often do the trail in groups and they take breaks in local towns. The audience is fit middle-aged couples and young-adult travellers. They mostly do it because it's an exciting challenge where they can push their body and explore the country.

I created a name, Explore, and logo for this app after much development. Explore is fun and challenging app where the user can find and spot objects along the trail like a treasure or scavenger hunt. It's designed to be a companion app as you complete the trail. It's a great way to learn about and interact with the New Zealand landscape as well as providing some mental stimulation to a mostly physical task. It has a bright and modern interface with four main colour-coded options. You can track your progress and share with, or challenge, friends.


Minimalist, dynamic and fluid.

My client, Carina Gwynne, hired me to help create a brand for her coaching business. This included a name, logo, website and collateral. She wanted a strong, smooth and simple identity that strayed away from 'fluffy' life coach imagery. She has professional qualifications and wants to work with clients to develop their potential through solutions-focused coaching.

I did a lot of research into the coaching industry, target audience and personas. We brainstormed many possible names including Transitions Coaching, Ignite Coaching and Insight Coaching but eventually settled on Solutions Coaching. The audience is primarily middle-aged females who are wealthy and/or managers who are seeking change and/or clarity.

The logo is part enso-circle with the negative-space outlining the letter 'S' for 'Solutions'. My client wanted to portray a sense of movement, as if something was transforming from one thing to another. She also wanted a black and white minimalist look with a bold accent colour which is what I've done. It's modern and has lots of white space. She helps people imagine, innovate and implement their goals. This became the subtitle with collateral concentrating on the definitions of these positive action words.


Flirty, romantic and bold.

My client, Jordan Alexander, hired me to help create her book cover, formatting, branding and website. I also worked on Jordan's own website, brand and collateral. Her book, I Love You Send Money, follows Alexis (who is a bubbly, warm and cultured Gemini who loves wine and beaches) on her adventures into online dating. It's an emotional rollercoaster of a story with big twists.

I worked closely with Jordan to make sure we get the 'feel' of the novel correct. This included doing mood-boards, audience and persona research, and theme analysis. Jordan intended to self-publish the book and create a trilogy out of it so she wanted a base to launch from. The audience is middle-aged women who are romantics, have possibly had online-dating experiences and love indulging in a glass of wine by the fireplace with a book.

We went with a girly script font and a strong red accent. We used simple visual symbols and icons to represent the themes. The formatting of the book was quite complex in that there are 'sensory pairings' in the chapter headings and various digital communications. Jordan wanted to visually create the MSN conversations and emails so I designed the formatting as such. I also worked on the marketing campaign and launch party collateral.


- let us create together -

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments by filling in the form to the right. I will reply within 24 hours. You can also find out more about me and follow me on my social media accounts below. Thank you for viewing my website and don't forget to be awesome.